What Makes This Course Unique

  • We cast a wide net. The material comes from science, philosophy, psychology, and spirituality.
  • The material is as much about life as it is about dreams. We’ll be using the practices of the night to introduce teachings that will improve your life during the day.
  • We'll explore the transformative power of working with dreams. Dreams occur at the level of the unconscious mind, and the unconscious mind rules our conscious lives. By working with the unconscious mind through dreams, we have the potential to transform our lives in fundamental ways.

Some Terms used in Lucid Dreaming Hint at Deeper Levels

  • "Lucidity" itself is a code word for awareness. A lucid dream is an aware dream. By developing lucidity or awareness in our dreams, we’re actually increasing awareness altogether.
  • “Darkness” in this context refers to ignorance, or unawareness. So, a non-lucid dream is a “dark” dream. By turning on the light of awareness in a lucid dream, we’re transforming a dark dream into a “lit” dream. That light can continue to illuminate not only our dreams, but our daytime lives.
  • “Non-lucidity” is also a code word for “distraction, forgetfulness, and mindlessness.” A non-lucid dream is therefore a distracted dream, a forgotten dream, a mindless dream.

Lucid Dreaming Has Similarities to:

The Tibetan Book of the Dead - which is just as much a book of life. And so it is with lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is just as much about lucid living.

The study of fractals - fractals possess a quality called “self-similarity,” which means the closer you look, the deeper you go into it, the more you find. Lucid dreaming abides by fractal principles.

“Fractals show a holistic hidden order behind things, a harmony in which everything affects everything else, and, above all, an endless variety of interwoven patterns.” - Jean Houston

This Material Applies as Much to Life as it Does to Dreams

If you never have a single lucid dream, which is extremely unlikely given the material presented in this course, you will still derive great benefit.

  • What aspect of life doesn’t improve with heightened lucidity, or awareness?
  • Who doesn’t benefit from increased flexibility and adaptability?
  • Who doesn’t benefit when unconscious processes are brought into the light of consciousness?

This Course is about Lucid Dreaming, But a Deeper Listening Will Reveal Deeper Layers

Whether you elect to engage in these deeper levels is up to you. If you want to stay at more surface levels you will still get a sense of the depth that lies below, even if you elect not to dive into these depths.

This course has a broad bandwidth of applicability, which aligns with the bandwidth of benefits available in the world of lucid dreaming itself.

There’s an entire world waiting for you, tucked into the darkness of the night. Let’s pull back the blankets that cover this dimension, and bring it all to light.

Andrew's books on lucid dreaming and dream yoga:

Dream Yoga: Illuminating Your Life Through Lucid Dreaming and the Tibetan Yogas of Sleep

Dreams of Light: The Profound Daytime Practice of Lucid Dreaming

The Lucid Dreaming Workbook: A Step-By-Step Guide to Mastering Your Dream Life

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