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  Andrew's Introduction to the Course

Hello Everyone,

I'm very excited to be offering the first in a series of on-line course on lucid dreaming and dream yoga. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to present a really thorough presentation on these remarkable nighttime practices.

Most of the material in this course is recorded exclusively for these programs. But to give you a feel for my other offerings, I have added some bonus material.

Included in the program is audio from my workshops on lucid dreaming and dream yoga. This material will show you how a deep immersion over several days creates a great opportunity to live and breathe these teachings.

I am also including some excerpts from my book "Dream Yoga: Illuminating Your Life Through Lucid Dreaming and the Tibetan Yogas of Sleep." This book is actually the first in a series I am writing on the nocturnal practices.

After 40 plus years of exploring these teachings and practices, I continue to be amazed at just how deep and profound they are, and how much fun it is to explore this material.

Thanks for your interest in this on-line course!




“Andrew Holecek is the best lucid dreaming teacher in the West. His teaching on this fascinating and important topic is clear, contextual, relevant, practical, engaging, and comprehensive. He is the only lucid dreaming teacher whose teaching spans both secular and religious origins of the practice, and with students, he is respectful, encouraging, and cheerful.” - Chris Thatcher- Attorney/Acting Coach/Somatic Psychotherapist

“Andrew’s Lucid Dreaming and Dream Yoga program was fantastic. He interweaves traditional dream yoga practices and perspectives with modern Western lucid dreaming methods and techniques, not simply as some intellectual endeavor to bridge East and West, but as a pragmatic approach to lucid dreaming and spirituality that focuses on what works. He is a clear speaker who brings humor to what and how he teaches. He covers the spectrum of practice and theory well, and makes it all practical and useful. I cannot recommend it enough.” – Jay Mutzafi Host of LucidSage – The Lucid Dreaming Podcast

“The lucid dreaming and dream yoga seminar with Andrew Holecek is some of the deepest and most profound dream work I have ever experienced. I continue to learn more as I practice. I am in awe and most grateful of the results that can be achieved and felt in everyday life through dream yoga practices. Most of which have been self-empowerment, calm presence and a deeper sense awareness for all I experience. Andrew Holecek is a very gifted and wholehearted teacher and facilitator of dream yoga.” – Jasmin Bloch M.A., Psychological Counselor, Art Therapist & Teacher, Zurich, Switzerland